Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R DL

So what do we learn from this?
That the 216 and 217 are poor -R burners?
I think the 219 will not exhibit any problems since it’s based on a Mediatek chipset.

Yep, still love my old DVR-215 more.

I think I wrote some time ago in a thread that the 217 is almost unusable as DVD-R writer

Don´t have an 218 or 219, but 220 and 221 is totally different to many other MTK-writers. Much more supported speeds (not sure if it is really optimized at all the speeds), some good results but overall very picky with some media.

Yup, indeed the DVR-215 did perform better with the same media:

CMC AM3 on DVR-215 at 16x

I saw very differnet results with AM3, but the 215 shows rarely these PIF-spikes with DVD-R.

Same UAE media on the BDR-209D with the latest firmware.

MKM003 on BDR-209 8x UAE 4

Decent job, equivalent to other Pioneer models.

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Next up we have the Samsung SH-224:

MKM003 on SH-224 8x UAE 4

The SH-224 does not impress… The layer changing spike really shows through with the Lite-ON test. I’m going to see what I can do in terms of firmware for this SH-224 drive. The spike does not manifest with Vogelschreck’s result. This model has firmware SB00, it could very well be they fixed this in SB01.

Liteon iHAS 624 B Firmware: GL2A
Media: Verbatim 96577 - Made in Singapore
MID: MKM 001
Burn Speed: 8x (fw mod)

The SH-224FB does not have an SB01 firmware, as it turns out. Cross-flashing to the ID00 firmware however yielded some impressive results:

MKM003 on SH-224 8x UAE ID00 4

At first glance, the SH-224FB seems to exceed the performance of the Pioneer drives… But the beta and TA scans as well as the auxiliary jitter scans (performed at 2x) tell a different story.

Still, a very impressive showing!

Really nice, but the latest Samsung-drives seems to be normally good DL-burners

I don´t have an FB, but these scans are also not bad

Thank you, thank you.

I do however recommend using a Pioneer for MKM003, eventhough the PIE and PIF were a little lower with the Samsung. So Pioneer DVDRW drives are uniquely good for at least something (MKM003).

FB generation SH-224 (which also perhaps includes BB or GB) are two or so years newer than DB, and they do in fact perform a little better (perhaps the last drive made by TSST with a decent laser).

Overall, the BDR-208 is the winner… Maybe a BDR-205/206/207 can match it. It had the best Beta measurement.

The DVR-219L review will not be forthcoming because the drive is kaput… It was a thrift store find and apparently it was being sold there for a reason… That’s two drives now that are DOA from there (Old Yamaha SCSI model and the 219L).

The Pio BDR-208 is a real good drive, I agree

The 224BB isn´t as good as DB or GB, at least with specific media, my experience

The latest Samsung Half-Height-drives are the best drives from Samsung IMHO, but the strong vibrations prevent me sometimes from using it

Do you mean Pioneers DVDRW-drives for general or the Original/QSI-drives?

A 20L failed after some years, it started to burned awful, so I don´t use it anymore. But I have some 21L which seems to be very reliable.