Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R DL

Yeah it is a bit weird. :slight_smile: But the disc seem to be okay.
Unfortunately I threw away the banderole or whatever it is called :smiley: But looking at other results posted here where they included the hub code, it should be UAE then. I think Iโ€™ll edit the post and fix it.

Lite-On iHBS-112 PL06 , 7.86 GB burned at 8x

sold as โ€œVerbatim 8x DVD+R DLโ€ in 10/cake box
MID: MKM 003
Made in UAE probably

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Do the LG can do a transfer-test on this disc without errors/speeddowns?

Added a TRT. Seems alright I think.

Jep, looks good

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