Mitsubishi Chemical Corp DVD+Rs for about 11p each



Just spotted this on SVP, a UK based online retailer that ships to the UK and at least one other European country.

A company called DShirt has been subsidising promotional, branded DVDRs on SVP for some time now, but recently they’ve got some branded DVD+R media with the MCC 004 media code. This is the code of the AZO-dye backed 16x DVD+Rs sold under the brand name Verbatim.

From the comments on the site, they would appear to be genuine Mitsubishi Chemical Corp/AZO, but watch out as they could be factory 2nds (e.g. discs produced in a run deemed not fit to sell as Verbatim)

Still, at roughly UK 11p each, some may seem them as being worth a shot.

Edit: link here