Mitsubishi 美画創 (BIG AZO) 8x DVD-R full-faced printables



I just received my new goodies from the Land of the Rising Sun, a 50-disc spindle of Mitsubishi BIG AZO DVD-Rs. They’re considered to be for video use but obviously are just as good for data. The MID is MCC02RG20 of course, ODM by Prodisc Technologies with stamper code ZD4763-DVR-I47C. Going against what seems to be the norm for retail hub printable discs from the bigger names (Mitsubishi, TY/That’s, TDK, etc) on the Japanese market, the discs do not have any type of branding etched into the printable surface. I noticed that the surface is also much smoother than most inkjet printables I’ve used, including Verbatims by CMC and Prodisc or ProdiscF01 and is more similar in feel to the surface on my TYG02 Value line discs. The discs have the mirrored finished on the hub area on the dye side which helps to keep the “whiteness” more uniform. Some pics are below, and scans coming later.


This is the disc from the top of the spindle, and as is often the case, it’s a bit beat up compared to its neighbor directly below it, so this is probably not an accurate assessment of the mechanical characteristics of the majority of the discs in the spindle. The drives used are as follows:

  1. PX-760SA
  2. PX-716A
  3. PX-712A
  4. DRU-810A@EW164B


em…not too bad.


Were they very expensive ? How long before we see some quality scans ? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll have to post the scans when I get home from work. I had a battle with the Sandman last night and lost.


[B]Two Degrees:[/B]

I am not familiar with how the FE/TE scan works on Plextor drives, what speed were the tests done at on the Plextor drives?


FE/TE tests on Plextor drives can only be performed at the maximum burn speed for that media, so that would be 8x for the 760 and the 712 and presumably also for the 716.


Thanks for the answer [B]DrageMester[/B], well at least BenQ/Plextor seem to agree on this test :slight_smile: (well, at least for this disc.)


Here are the results from the first disc, burned on my PX-716A TLA #0308, fw 1.10. As I said, it was a bit beat up (spotting, some scratches) so the burn dropped to 4x. However, all the tests show it to be fairly readable.


Burned with my Pioneer DVR-111D@A11XLC (even swapped the faceplate with the one from my A09XLC :stuck_out_tongue: ).