Mitsubishi and Maxell to ship HD DVD-R media from early July

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  Even  though Blu-ray media and writers have been on the market          for several weeks now, it is not until now that we hear  about the first announcements of HD DVD recordable media getting...
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I’m curious what the real data capacity of HD-DVDs will be. Apparently, Blu-Ray data capacity is closer to 22 gigs then 25 gigs. If HD-DVD is closer to truly 15 gigs and the price drops faster, the 7-8 gig difference may not make Blu-Ray worth it…

nope it’s just like dvd’s they go by two different math equation. 4.7gig on 4.3gig on dvd’s just like 120gig hard drive = 111 gig’s in windows. There is a whole reason behind it but i don’t feel like explaining now just google it.

Also I am curious I thought HD-Dvd was going to be cheaper to manufacture? If that’s true then why is Blu Ray media being sold for 18 bucks already? and that’s 10 more gigs for the same price. hmmmm Do a search on for blu ray for prices also I been to a tiger direct wharehouse store that is near me and they had some on display ready for sale
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the price is little bit too higher than i hoped, but i think hd-dvd-r’s price can be dropped easily to under 5usd. i don’t think i will jump on hd-dvd until the disk price is around 1usd/disk

You may have to wait for a very long time, as even regular “old” DL discs are $2 when they’re on sale. As for the blu-ray, hd-dvd bandwagons, it’ll probably be longer for me until both h/w and s/w prices go way down…and there’s clear-cut winning format.

Metric = 1000 binary = 1024 It’s annoying that they measure in Metric terms instead of using the binary like the cd did, 700MB is 700MB under windows or wherever.

17$ is too high and not competitive with BR discs so probably this is just a speculation. I bet when the discs will be worldwide available, maybe around Christmas, you will find 15 gigs HD DVD-R at around 10$ or less.

Well the size difference won’t matter if the price of HD-DVD are low then most will not go for blu-ray. But for now, everyone should wait, it was the same thing with bad media - bad burners when the first generation dvd-burners came out and so on. It was when dvd burners where up to 6x burning speed that people started buying it and media prices came down.

It will take at least a few months for Taiwanese and Chinese media makers to start mass distribution of HD DVD and Blu-ray blank media. I hope by then drive prices will drop to around US$200.