Mitsubish Dual Layer media manufactured by CMC Magnetics?

Got a few philips DVD+R DL. Retail shipping version - not prerelease.

2: Serial number looks like CMC Serial number…(engraved into the plastic near the centre of the disc…)

And when I look at the unbranded prerelease discs I have they seems identical too (beside differences in the serial number/model number of the disc).

Or have Mitsubishi set up a factory in Taiwan for manufacturing DL media?

The spooky thing is that newer “Made in Singapore” 8x DVD-R and DVD+R has the same serial numbering system as CMC manufactured discs too. Engraved in the plastic close to the centre hole. No there is not a big black serial number anymore… Upgrading the machinery or?

Me be confused :confused:

OC, how much have you paid them?
Only for curiosity, can you attach an image of the disk?
And now? You think about burning some disk with the LiteON 812@832 and the Nec 2500@2510?

I think that all DL media will be made by CMC in Taiwan for the near future. The only exeption may be Maxell made in Japan, but we haven’t seen any Maxell yet. They may very well also be made in Taiwan.
A couple months ago we had a news article about how all the Taiwan makers would be forming a cooperation for DL media manufacture. It certainly makes no business sense for all of them to be making DL, when the demand is very low in relative terms. They have all they can do to keep up with the increasing speeds on SL DVDR. So I think that you will see “Made In Taiwan” on all DL media, and it’ll be made by CMC with different ADIP for each brand name.

I seriously doubt that all 3 Taiwan makers will be producing DL, there’s only a few thousand crazy people in the world who want it. :wink:

Do you mean this news article? It’s rather that Japanese companies help the Taiwan makers with the R&D so they can start OEM production, like MCC helps CMC and probably Ricoh helps Ritek, not that the larger Taiwan makers would co-operate about the production which is highly unlikely imho. Ricoh has also said it will use a different manufacturing process than MCC so they will hardly be the same. Infomedia (Infodisc) has also been reported to have started production so I think there will soon be more than 3 makers of DL media.
Soon basically all new DVD writers will be support DL and there will be more than just “few thousand” people demanding discs. DL is also a chance for the larger makers to sell a product with good profit per disc as soon as they will be able get a decent yield rate in the production, because they will have no competition and price dumping from the smaller Hong Kong and Taiwan makers.