Mits just delivered new WD-65737



Back several years ago I bought a 62" Mitsubishi DLP and I have to say I enjoyed most of the ownership/viewing experience… but that 1st Gen DLP had issues and a poor chassis design that eventually became an achilles heel for Mitsubishi. I had my set go south intermittently a few times only to go back on after a 24 hour rest period. But a couple of months ago it took a few days to come back on and 4 weeks ago it finally died. Apparently Mits was involved with a class-action lawsuit on the old DLPs, and they would often offer to pay for all new parts or 50% of the repairs. In some cases, if the original owner of the set complained to the right person, they would offer a replacement TV at the same price of the estimated repair. In my case, I complained and said that I didn’t want to spend any additional money on a old design that has proved faulty even if they were giving me a 12 month guarantee. After a couple of phone calls, a supervisor got on the phone and offered me the new 65" Mits for $200.00 delivered and they would have the old set carted away too. This seemed like a no-brainer so I took the deal.

The set arrived yesterday, and I have to say the 65" DLP picture with its 120 Hz refresh is stunning. I can’t believe the difference between this set and my old one and I had a new bulb in my old set so it was fairly bright. This one seems twice as bright and so much sharper. We have a 37" Vizio LCD 120 Hz as well and I had thought that set was excellent. The Mits picture seems even better but maybe I’m just in awe LOL.

Anyway, this was a crap shoot because I couldn’t find a Mits DLP in any of the local BB or other stores, so I was hoping the picture was decent. I know that someday the bulb will need replacing, but with a DLP that’s about it to bring your set back to brand new. I’m crossing my fingers… and oh yeah, this set has a 12 month warranty and I can buy an extended warranty if I want. That old story about the squeaky wheel getting oiled… well it worked.