Misuse of the +RW logo?



Today I was browsing the media at fry’s and found a number of boxes of +R media with the RW logo in the corners, yet the media was definitely just +R. I saw it in the Fry’s GQ crap media as well as I think some Fuji media.

They have to realize this is very confusing to the consumer, if not just plain false advertizing.

Has anyone else noticed this?


For some reason, the RW, is the logo of the + camp, where DVD-Video is for the - camp.
(It might be that first there was the +RW, and later the +R)
The type of media will be further indicated as DVD+R or DVD+RW


I think it’s because for the “+” camp, +RW came before +R.






RW logo is the official logo for the DVD+R/+RW alliance.

They don’t have the right to use the official DVD logo (DVD & a disc in perspective under these 3 letters).


The logo represents DVD+RW, the specification. DVD+R is part of DVD+RW standard.

If you have a recent HLDS or Matsushiba DVD writer, you will find “Super Multi” logo on the bezel. Technicall speaking, the logo represents everything from CD to DVD-RAM to DVD+RW, but a logo is just a logo to represent licenses and company interest rather than to clear things.