Mississippi River Flood of 2008

Low level river towns in my area are being evacuated. :sad:

Luckily my town is above water level.


[QUOTE=troy512;2077188]Low level river towns in my area are being evacuated. :sad:

Luckily my town is above water level.

yeah Troy i’ve been wondering if you are high and dry.

We’ve had 36+ inches of rain here this year so far. Received another 3.88 inches yesterday. Flooding everywhere. They had to open Table Rock Dams flood gates all the way and flood the area down stream which caused boat docks to come loose and hit bridges. Flooded a few towns too. Been one heck of a rainy year… :doh: :bigsmile:

But like you i’m high and dry.

I hope you guys will be OK.Good Luck:flower:

yeah Jim i’m ok here. Others around here have flooded homes. Saw them pissed off on the news yesterday. The city fire dept in town rescued 37 people from flood waters yesterday also.

We have 1 maybe 2 days off and more rain coming. I’ve never seen anything like this before…

Pretty amazing stuff. And we out in the west haven’t had enough rain to fill a piss ant’s teacup.

im safe thank you.

but people i know will lose their homes if the river level reaches the predictions. some of them dont have flood insurance and are not eligible for FEMA disaster assistance because they were told to move after the 93 flood. the ones that stayed had their flood insurance dropped after their homes were rebuilt. :sad:

check out this neat river observation map. you can click on city names and see the flood levels and expected crest levels.


Troy why didn’t they move?

The Zax :eek: