Mississippi outlaws sex toys

I’m surprised that looking like that … you don’t have a long line of willing volunteers to give you a helping hand … or something along those lines :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe after seeing what’s available out there she prefers the toys :bigsmile:

Dear god!
I’m glad I’m not in that line then :slight_smile:

well duh debro…incest in in Arkansas…i can’t sleep with my brother…

The law in Arkansas says that even if you get divorced, you’re still legally brother and sister. I think that applies in most of the southern states.

I’ll see your senator, and I’ll raise you two judges. /.

Actually the legislature has finished up its session this year…but you can bet…this gal is gonna be visiting her congressmen…and taking her toys too ;)…
just picture it…

Congresman X in his big law office…inwalks yours truely…Mr. Congressman…may I have a word with you…

of course you know he is going to say …sure come on in…
so in i go…and pull out my toys from my purse…and say…Sir…why did you make these things illegal…don’t you know i needed these for educational purposes???

Care for a demonstration…?

I wonder after 911 arrives…whos going where…me to jail or him to the hospital?

I was expecting to see a grass roots movement from the fine citizenry of Mississippi protesting this invasion of their constitutional right to locally buy and sell sex toys. I expected to see those oppressed by this law on CNN marching to confront Governor Barbour on this issue. Certainly I expected to see someone representing the local adult business sector and some of the users interviewed on every cable news outlet. I guess either the state’s citizenry agree with the ban or they are not aware of it. Perhaps there is no call for these devices in Mississippi (he said with a mischievous grin).

Both, but in the reverse order. :bigsmile:

Oh darn… my purple dildos were selling best in Mississippi…!

‘to fall back on’ … often wondered how you’d like it S_S :eek: :bigsmile:

SS they are illegal here too, want to come up here and show me??? :stuck_out_tongue:
You won’t go to jail believe me…

hey your hawt wife should be outlawed as a sex toy…Rawr!!! :o

Kittens are not toys!

awwwww but i like wittle kittie cats!

Battered with Plum Sauce , or perhaps you prefer sweet & sour?

And you can always wash it down with a beer too. As in almost all your pics. :flower:

Wonder what colour pussies you like best :wink:

I’m new here. I live in Mississippi. The gulf coast part. I don’t know about the rest of the state, but here it’s like this…

We do Have:

  1. We have Casinos
  2. We do have, today, sex shops, just a handfull.
  3. We do have video stores that rent out xxx adult films. But they cost $$$$
  4. We do have head shops.
  5. We do have liquor stores. (not on Sundays. and they close rather early)

We don’t Have:

  1. We can’t order triple-X rated movies on PPV. (But we can have Dubble-X)
    [B]2. We can’t order 99% of adult “rent through the mail” dvds. They just don’t deliver here. :sad:

That last one is my problem. I can “back up” regular movies all day long, at a OK price. However, I just can’t make any back ups of adult movies unless I spend loads of money to go to a rental store. (That I don’t want to go to in the first place. (I use to work there. :frowning: ) And, I don’t really like to download stuff off the net. (Slow DSL connection).

So, I’m stuck buying $5.00 CD’s off fleabay. (DVD’s cost too much)

Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Thanks :wink:

You’re stuck with buying the titles you want from eBay, I’m afraid.

Forum Rules state that asking about copying rental stuff is a no-no. :wink:

Aye … and with rental stuff … eww … how many people have used those discs?