Missing Wimdows\System32\File?



Hey all

When I boot up my 'puter, I get a error message that read “Rundll…Error loading c:Windows\System32\vbfgmxvi.dll…The specified module can not be found”

Ever since I started to get this message I can not Download files through the various Com ports and USB ports, other than that, my 'puter works OK

Does anyone know of this situation and where I can get this file or do I even need it?

Thanks for the replys…and I am a total newb to this situation…Thanks



Are you using Windows XP?
Are you sure you spelled the file name correctly??
My XP has no such dll that I can find.
So it must be something non-MS I figure.


well it has even happened with me. I have just re-installed my windows Xp operating system on to my computer hard drive by formatting the partitioned drive in which the previous version of windows XP was present. Even you try this ,it works.


This sounds like classic malware.

Disable System Restore and reboot.

Remove the entry from the startup, clean Temp, Temporary Internet Files, cookies, check Add/Remove Programs for unknown installations and run SuperAntiSpyware after configuring it to scan [B]ALL[/B] files.

Enable System Restore when the system is once again clean.


Thanks for the responses

uSerKey, I am using Windows XP…and it is spelled right…

I will try the suggestions from Nemesys…My Norton 360 ran out of subscrition and I have had unknown e-mails and other pop ups showing since…that is when this problem started…

Thanks for the responses once again