"Missing" wavs in Nero



The readers in the forum may be interested in this little "bug-ette" I seem to have acquired and a temporary fix that might be useful.

Copy of mail sent to Ahead today:


Having just upgraded from I believe I have found a bug in the latest version of Nero.

Extracting several tracks from an audio CD to the default folder of c:/program files/ahead/mymusic appears to work OK, but often results in about a third of the WAVS being missing. Opening up Windows Explorer and watching that directory while Nero goes about it's work shows the file appear as Nero starts to extract it, and then DISAPPEAR (ie appears to be deleted again) as soon as that track finishes. As mentioned previously, about a third of the selected tracks disappear in this manner. They do not reappear anywhere else (such as the recycle bin or another directory for example) on any other drive.

This only happens when using the CD Writer to read the CD (Yamaha CRW-3200E), using my CD-ROM (a Philips PCD-048) to do the job doesn't seem to replicate the fault.

Also the latest version of InCD seems to hang when formatting a CD-RW to Mount Rainier - the background formatting never seems to complete (and I've left it over an hour, the drive just sounds like it's idling at low speed), and the icon on the task bar implies there is no (suitable) disc in the drive, ie red arrow pointing right and downwards.

Could you please look in to these issues and try to correct them in a future release ?

If you require any further information from me such as system specs etc, I would be happy to provide them on request.