Missing VIDEO_TS.VOB file in v1.1.3(The Pianist)

as topic
V1.1.3 on The Pianist 7.15 GB

as always:
Dvd-Decrypter v3.1.4.0 (yup the old 1) -All Files
Dvd2one 1.1.3
Movie Only
4472 mb
Keeping all English audiotracks:
AC3 2ch
AC3 6ch
DTS 6ch
and Dutch subtitle
size=4.36 GB :wink: but missing valid VIDEO_TS.VOB ?:confused:
IMGTool v1.0.0.1 on the files to burn->enabled:
Reallocate VIDEO_TS structure
Missing following file: “VIDEO_TS.VOB”!
Do you want to continue?
Your created disc will possible be unplayable
So i clicked NO

Copy/pasted the original VIDEO_TS.VOB into dvd2oneoutput
Used Ifoedit to GET VTS SECTORS on the files

burned whitout problems @2x
played fine on all systems here

anyways 1 minnor bug though?! its missing VIDEO_TS.VOB after processing the file

no problems no more on the menu’s thats a +point m8
cheers for the update :cool:

VIDEO_TS.VOB isn’t needed on a movie only copy.

hm never noticed this bfore,
it was imgtool pointing me that error on Pianist “movie only” thats why…

thxs for clearing that up m8

btw Pianist is great quality keeping all Eng audio/Movie Only on 1.1.3 :bigsmile:

I didn’t even know the pianist was available on DVD???

Originally posted by bennywan
I didn’t even know the pianist was available on DVD???

It’s not, not in Region 1, anyway. Comes out on May 27th.

Thanks to the Internet an unavailable DVD is not necessarily unavailable.