Missing tracks in .nra files

hey all…i recently went to re-burn some cd’s from some saved .nra files and found that Nero was unable to locate most or all of the files, even though they are still on my hard drive in the same file they were in when i originally burned them. anybody know why this might happen and is there any way to retrieve the missing playlists?


did you edit some of those tracks in Nero compilation? (indexes, split, etc.?)

there are buggy versions of Nero that can’t save compilations correctly?
What version are you using?

If you usually make a lot of compilations, I’d recommend switching to a serious program like Feurio!

thanks for the reply - i’m using Nero 5.5. not sure if there are any known issues with this version. yup, i make lots of compilations. i’m not so worried about actually remaking the compilation, but i would really like to be able to retrieve the playlist for a given compilation, because i don’t make jewel case covers with the playlists. homemade cd’s seem to deteriorate pretty quickly, so i find myself needing to reburn favorite compilations occasionally.

i notice i can open the .nra files as a text file and find the song titles amidst the code…anybody know an easier way to do it?

Yes, I’ve checked these bugs whan saving NRA in the version I was using in June 2003.
I don’t remember the exact version: something between 5.5.9.x and 5.5.10.x

I didn’t care anymore because I don’t use Nero for audio.
You might want to try Feurio if you make a lot of compilations. It’s harder to learn, but once learned the way, you make those discs in much less time than Nero.
In fact, when you open Feurio, all the compilations that weren’t deleted are automatically opened: you don’t have to go through your folders to find the compilation. You can easily move edited tracks from one compilation to another. And all compilations you have made are stored in the “projects” folder (you can always recover the layout of old deleted compilations).
Apart from that, it’s much better made than Nero and the burning engine is also better.

Opening the NRA file in notepad is the obvious way to recover the playlist.

BTW, these bugs are probably corrected in newer versions, but with Nero you always risk suffering other bugs if you update to the latest versions.

I worked on this for about an hour. If you save it to your desktop then open it, it works! It worked for me and hopefully it will work for you.