Missing titles problem - History of Jazz vol 2

I have a problem with Ken Burns History of Jazz volume 2 ( Pal version). This is DVD2 of a 4 DVD box set. Each DVD is double sided & contians 3 episodes + a menu. All ther discs will back up OK, but on this one FAB only detects titles 1 & 3 i.e. the menu & the middle episode. It does not detect the other 2 main titles in any mode.
Clone option tells me I need DL media but then crashes at end of red process without writing anything. Full disc tells me that I’ll get 100% on DVD5 but only copies title sets 1 & 3.
The problem may be to do with the overall DVD engh, most episodes on other discs are 1 hour each, but these seem to be just under 2 hours each according to DVD shrink, and also according to IMtoo DVD ripper both of which which do detect all 3 main titles.
So I can make a compressed backup with DVD shrink but I’m stuck on how to make a full DVD9 backup as fab is not co-operating.

PS. I said the DVDs were double sided in the original post - I should have said double layer ! Sorry for any confusion.

as an update to this problem, althouth the problem DVD appears to contain 3 titles of length 1 hour 58 mins each, the titles are acutally only 58 minutes each when you watch them. THis misreportign occurs to a lesser exten on volume 1. Fab reports that 1 title is 1 hour 58 and htat hte other 2 are 58 mins each but in reality they are all the same lengh. I was able to back up that volume OK as fab fould all of the titles. but on volume 2 it is only finding 1 of the 3 titles.

I can back up these 3 titles individually with no compression by using DVD shrink’s re-author option That way I can get the 3 single titles onto my HD, in 3 separate folders, but if I then burn I’ll end up with 3 separate SL copies which is not ideal.

The misreporting of film length is also weird. If I open a single episode copy, made with DVDshrink, & enable powerdvd’s information screen it tells me to expect 1 hour 58 mins., but as I fast forward through the movie and watch the time display, I reach the movie end at just over 58 mins, not at 1 hour 58!. Same happens if I watch any single episode on the original disc - thay ae acutll just under 1 hour each, not jsut under 2 hours each as claimed. That makes sense as box set this was originally a TV series & so you’d expect a set of equal length episodes.

That’s with just a single title reauthored & thus all menus removed. Each of the 3 single episodes copied with shrink behaves like that, and so does the copy made with fab (which contains all of the menus but only 1 actual title. i.e. that also it looks like it is going to last 1 hour 58 but ends after 58 mins. )

Hi cybmole,

Thanks for the IFO files, the problem will be fixed in next version, please wait.

BTW, the IFO has authoring error, it’s actually 58 minutes, but the IFO shows 1:58 minutes.

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thanks - I was going to repost both the original IFOs & the copy versions but you seem to be onto it already!.
Strangely, the “Full copy”, although it only has one main title, does have the same number of IFO & BUP files i.e. both zips - original & copy - contain 9 files in total,

But the zip file made from the original DVD is bigger: 180kb vs 65 kb from the copy.

both zips have IFO & BUP files 1 through 4 + a Video_TS bup. I think I may have posted the copy files by mistake earlier so here is a repost of the originals.

IFO and BUP.zip (179 KB)

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Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:


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