Missing the IFO Files for my Movie - How To Rebuild

I hope I did not miss the post that covers this topic, an If I did
I apologise.

I ripped a music dvd ages ago and I think I forgot to rip one of the IFO files.
I know have the 4 intact VOB files and the video_ts.vob file that is the main menu for the movie. and the VTS_01_0.VOB which is the submenu. it think.

The movie itself and the submenus work when I play them individually, but
when I want to burn it NEro says the video_s.vob does not belong.

Another program told me that the above file is not referenced.

PLEASE can someone help me get the 2 menu files working with the main content again?

Much Appreciated


Simply rerip your movie and make sure that you select the IFO files to be ripped. In somthing like DVD Decrypter you can just select the two files you are missing and just rerip those. That way you will save alot of time since you don’t need to rip all of the other files again.