Missing subtitles in commercial DVD players

Hi all,

I’ve tried using the search function to look for answers but not exactly found it specifically. Hopefully some kind soul who has encountered and overcome this can help with my question.

I recently used the latest version of DVD Decryptor and Clone DVD to make a copy (whole movie) of a Korean DVD “Untold Scandal” onto DVD+r. I ensured english subtitles were included during the use of the DVD Decryptor while leaving the rest of the settings as default. After burning, I plunked it in a standalone commerical dvd player and after switching the english subtitles on via both menu as well as OSD in the remote control, no subtitles came on. I ejected the disc from the player, plunked it in the PC drive again to view it with Windows media, switched on the english subtitles with a mouse click and lo and behold, the movie came out with subtitles. Anybody ever encountered this before? How the heck to i ensure the subs will work with commercial standalone dvd players? thanks to anyone responding in advance. :>


Hi cents and welcome to the forum.

Yep , i’ve seen this before. If i selected subtitle 1 and subtitle 4 on a clonedvd’d copy , i could only playback subtitle 1 in my standalone player.

Methinks , that the subtitles don’t get their new designation number (since that there are only two subtitles on it now , it should have been nr 1 and nr 2). Because of this , there is no subtitle 2 and thus your standalone player thinks there are no other subtitles.

My suggestion is to keep ALL subtitles ticked when you recompress a movie with either CloneDVD or DVDShrink.

Thx for the welcome Mr. Belvedere :> man, that handle name just brings back memories of the sitcom…

I did try using CloneDVD totally this time (instead of using DVD Decrypter to rip and burn the DVD) choosing both subtitles. Now i can see both subtitles (English and Korean) on the standalone DVD. BUT…with cloneDVD, i just can’t get the bloody audio in the main movie through (i.e. can’t hear it in the PC windows media or the standalone DVD player. I could hear the background music of the title menu though - wierd). shessh. Anyways for that, I selected the simple 2 channel audio option. Later I also tried selecting just 5 channel, DTS which the DVD supports, both no sound.

seems with DVD decryptor or DVD shrink, I could get sound and subtitles out when played using PC windows media but on standalone, only sound but no subtitles - damn frustrating). With CloneDVD, I could get subtitles out on the standalone but no sound on the main movie.

Any idea how i can merge the subtitles from one with the audio in the other to form a complete jiqsaw picture?

maybe i should take up Korean, that could be the easiest solution …heh