Missing subtitles after encoding to various formats (mpg, mp2)



i used vobsub but i think i keep on getting missing subtitles at each encode, worst part is, each encode has subs missing at various points, no two encode are like…i tried using ffdshow in order to get 100% accuracy in subs like my friend told me…works fine, problems are the positional subtitles that soft subs are is overlapping with the subtitles…like i think {/a6} in a certain episodes…is supposed to be on top of the episode using vobsub, but using ffdshow, the {/a6} line overlaps with the supposed subtitle at the bottom…is there any solution for this? or maybe should i edit the {/a6} into another instruction so that ffdshow may be able to show it on top alsO? i tried experimenting using {/a6}, {\a6}, {a6} but no such luck, ffdshow i think has a different instruccion for following positional commands…

can anyone help me or link me to a page for subtitle commands for ffdshow? thanks friends

or how do i solve the missing sub problem in vobsub? i really liked vobsub’s fonts effects better than ffdshow :iagree:


Hi, i had the same problem about the missing subtitles when i tried to make a dvd from a .avi file using “winavi” + “vobsub”. I resolve this problem changing the “Override placement” in Vertical position, my settings are : H = 50 and V = 87. Hope this may help you!