Missing scenes

Using 4.3 Decrypter with 1click dvd…worked fine for a while but now skips scenes and pixilates parts of the movie…when I reverse the movie on my dvd player, the skipped scene plays in reverse, but does not play the skipped scenes when I forward the dvd again in play mode. I am using a Sony external drive DRX-530 UL, with either Maxell, Sony or Memorex DVD - discs, although I am not too happy with the Memorex. My DVD player is a Samsung 5 disc player which has worked quite well for me. Any ideas? Thanks,

DVD43 (if that’s what you are using) is a little slow catching up with some of the newer protection schemes. I don’t know if that’s your problem (not knowing the title), but it could be. If that’s the case, AnyDVD could be your solution.

On the other hand, if you are talking about a copy that’s gone bad, that’s more likely media, either quality media or burning too fast. You are correct in not being to happy with Memorex. The CMC media is poor quality. The Sony should be good stuff, and the Maxell as well if it’s made in Japan +r. The made in Taiwan -r stuff can be flakey.

Thanks, does anydvd work the same as decrypter? Are you saying Maxell -r is made in Taiwan and not as good as +r? Also, if I am copying at too high a speed, how do I change that? I really appreciate your help.

AnyDVD works in the background and unprotects the movie on the fly while 1Click transcodes it, in the same fashion as DVD43, only better. Maxell made in Taiwan (usually -r) is not as high quality (in my opinion and that of others) as the Maxell made in Japan (+r, but not all of them you have to check). If you are using one of the later versions of 1Click, press F9. That will bring up the control panel for the burning engine. You’ll find it on one of the tabs. If you get AnyDVD, be sure to uninstall DVD43, as they do not play well together.

i didnt think 1click could do on the fly :eek: but good advice switch to anydvd :iagree:

My use of “on the fly” was probably ill-chosen. I mean only to indicate that AnyDVD works in the background as opposed to the way say DVDFab works. 1Click will not copy on the fly and transcodes and compressed to the hard drive before writing back out to the blank dvd.