Missing parts of movie after backup?

I am missing parts of a movie after burning?
I get a error message in ifoedit,“there is something wrong”. I get this message after I try to correct the vts sectors.I click ok a couple of times but the vts sectors don’t get corrected, so I close ifoedit and restart it a second time the vts sectors get corrected and everything seems to run smoothly after that.
The problem is when I play the movie on my dvd player parts of the movie are missing?
I use in the following order to back up the dvd movie :-
dvd decrypter,ifoedit,dvd shrink and burn with dvd decrypter
Is ifoedit causing this problem?

What are you using ifoedit for?

I’m using ifoedit to correct the vts sectors so I won’t have any problems playing the back up movie on any stand alone dvd player?
Is ifoedit causing the problem with missing movie parts?

DVD Shrink doesn’t need VTS sector correction before or after operation. IfoEdit’s get VTS sectors functionality is for a different way of backing up DVDs.

Use DVD Decrypter–>DVD Shrink–>Output to .ISO image file–>Burn with Decrypter.