Missing or Corrupt

This morning I wake up to the

missing or corrupt /windows/system32/config/system error

I need help ASAP if anyone knows how to recover from this or how I can access the drive.

I have 1 VERY important file I need. I can format and reinstall and use acronis to put on a backup fro 2 days ago but it doesn’t have the file I need.


Can’t help you with the error, but how about using one of the “Live” Linux distributions, boot from the Linux CD, and copy the important file from the Windows drive to a floppy or USB key?


hope your drive isn’t dying

Is a new drive but who knows, I can’t even get to the recovery console with the install CD, I am really screwed…

thanks for your guys help

DrageMester: can you be more specific? A link would be of great help

There are several free “live” Linux distributions. One of the smaller ones is Knoppix. EDIT: Not so small anymore!

In the article that DaChew linked to, there’s a link to a tutorial explaining how to rescue files off your harddrive using a Knoppix Linux Live CD:

How to recover files from an unbootable/dead computer

OK I got a NTSF filemanager for DOS and got my file :slight_smile:

Now to get XP fixed

Thanks guys

Nice! Do you have a link, please?

IM me I will get it for you.

I still am hosed, I can’t boot with the XP cd and I can’t find any program that I can format the drive with, I think it is my P5K Deluxe motherboard that is giving me the problem.

My Acronis disk won’t even boot into the program…sigh

What a way to spend all day on the 4th :sad:

If your C2D is still overclocked. unclock it and retry.
Make sure the PCIe bus is 100Mhz and the PCI bus 33Mhz

Thanks Dee for the suggestion, still a no go

Going to pull the drive and try and format on another machine, if that don’t work I guess it’s RMA time

OK, pulled the hard drive out stuck it i another machine and formated it and surface scanned it, seems fine.

Stuck it back in the other machine and still won’t boot with the XP CD (I have tried 5 XP cd’s)

Then to make matters even worse I unplug the SATA cable to this drive and boot and I still can’t get anywhere WTF!!!

edit: OK I unplugged the other 2 SATA drives and loaded XP again this time I get a little further and get an error

file \i386
tkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded
The error code is 4

wow that’s to weird :confused: Have you tried an IDE drive?

Problem found 1 bad stick of ram.

Thanks for everyones help

:clap: good deal :slight_smile:

Another try is to restore your system to few days back and reboot.

Since he got the problem worked out (and a couple of linux users are watching), I hope MegaDETH doesn’t mind me asking an off topic question? My only experience with with unix was learning c programing on a sun workstation in college years ago (never really learned unix though). So I got an old copy of linspire for 12$ on clearance (unopened, can still return) for 12$. Its an old version, but I may be able to upgrade for free. Is it worth keeping (I dont have the time to learn unix but if it really is easy)?

I would D/L the latest issue of FreeSpire.
I’ve tinkered with it, but I’m at the newb level for sure.
Linspire/FreeSpire would be a good one for a Windows refugee and likewise the linux militants don’t like it because it is Windows-like and it uses some proprietary software.

Here you will see the Linux popularity list and links to all the D/L mirrors.

My favorites are SUSE 10.0 (need to look at 10.2), Kubuntu (Ubuntu w/KDE) and for a lightweight Puppy (2.14) is great and aggressively supported/updated by its Australian keepers.
Puppy is very basic while the other two are quite polished.
I need to turn Windows off for a while and get more familiar with these OSes :doh:

The question is, why download freespire?I have a boxed, retail purchased copy of linspire (and I think that microcenter is is trying to pull, a compusa…). Is free spire beter than linspire?
Edit, ok I might have just got your point, try freespire, to see if I would like linspire…Problem is, linspire is more user friendly, suposedlly. I have no time ((my children spend more time destroying whatever computer equipment I have, then I spend working on it…
My life for a particular pinnacle card (can not get the remote sensor working without the card). Its kind of of topic though. I have a retail boxed copy of linspire (and I contacted tech support what to do with it, as the latest version was just a few dollars more for download. I’m mostly trying to decide if to keep it. Linspire (v1 I guess),l for 12$, maybe upgradeable to v5 waiting for an email. Why would they? Not to piss of thier buisness partners, Half of the pay content of the software is free, that enought reason to return,

It has been years since I played with Linux, but don’t plan on going back to play with it either.

For the record I don’t use system restore, no need for the drag on my system. I make weekly copied of my C: drive with acronis and burn to DVD. I keep important files on different drives and USB drive and CD-R.

This was the first time I didn’t back up a important file, luckily I got it back :wink:

It sounds like a lot of work but really I don’t have that many important files to keep tract of lol