Missing Nero file advrcntr2.dll.... Need help URGENTLY. Please

Hi there, A Newbie here…Kelly’s the name.

I have been using Nero for several years without experiencing a single problem, until tonight. I have been trying to burn some coursework ready for presentation in college tomorrow morning, but when I tried to open Nero I got the message ‘Some files are missing, Please reinstall Nero’, which I did so. I can now open Nero but when I try to add the files I wish to burn I get the mesage ’ This progams requires the file advrcntr2.dll,which was not found on the system’… I am running XP Home on a 1 month old Acer system. I am hopeing one of you lovely people here will have a fix for this as I’m totally stuffed otherwise. This is VERY important coursework, for a VERY important presentation first thing tomorrow.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!..without sounding too desperate…lol

P.S I managed to run Nero Infotool, and have included a log if that’s of any help…it ofcourse all means nothing to me.

PM me your email address and I will send it to you

By simply google’ing you can find that file within seconds…