Missing Menu Button?



Ok, so I transfered a home movie from my camcorder to my computer. Then I wanted to burn this to a DVD so it could be played in a DVD Player. I find that my 120 minute movie can be authorized into its .vob files using NeroVision Express. I navigate there from Nero 6 and find that a button there is missing!

I made a few snapshots to show you what I encountered.

Here is what my current NeroVision Express menu looks like. As you can see, it is missing the “Make DVD-Video” button.

Here is what the menu is supposed to look like. This was taken from the NeroVision Express Manual.

My Nero 6 is an OEM version, meaning it came bundled with a Sony DVD-RW drive that I purchased months ago at BestBuy.

Here is my Sony DVD-RW drive that came with Nero 6.

This particular DVD-RW drive was installed in my previous computer, and so was Nero 6. I do not recall ever using NeroVision Express because my computer was not equipped with IEEE 1394 FireWire ports to upload video. That computer’s motherboard eventually died, but I will not get into detail about that…quite depressing…

Anyways, I went off and got a new computer around 2 months ago.

Here is my current computer.

My computer did not come with a Sony DVD-RW drive, yet I installed Nero 6 on it anyways, now finding that I cannot authorize my video because of that missing button.

I began to think if my Lightscribe DVD/CD-RW drive cannot perform this funcion, so Nero 6 left out this button. I was browsing every square inch of the manual, and found this. I was wondering if my particular verion of Nero 6 even came with the DVD-Video plugin, even though it is an OEM. Is it a retail version?

Ultimately, here is my question: If I install the Sony DVD-RW drive from my previous computer into my current one, would I be able to find this missing button on the menu? Would I have to reinstall Nero 6, and then it would recognize the Sony drive being there, and install the DVD-Video plugin?

I am desperately wanting to make my first home DVD, and any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need some more information, let me know and I can post a snapshot of it to show you.

Thanks in advance.


Look at question 2, it might be part of the problem you are having. If you use the Sony burner and it works like it should, then you will know.

All you can do is try.