Missing menu backgrounds on DVDFAB-ed disc

I’ve been backing up my kids movies and have had the same problem on more than a couple movies. The main menu works fine but when I go to a sub-menu (such as special features or scene selection), there will be no background for the sub menu. Instead, it simply stays on the main menu screen. BUT, I can still use the arrow buttons and move around the sub-menu. For instance, if I switch to scene selections on the Hoodwinked DVD, the main menu picture remains, but moving the arrow keys around moves the highlight to the different scenes, as if the scene selection background were there. Is that clear as mud?

Some info:
Using DVDFab HD Decrypter and ripping the files to my HD
Using Nero Express 6 ( to burn
burning to Verbatim dual layer DVDs
using Samsung SH-S182M burner

As a test, I used DVD Shrink to make an image of the files created by DVDFab but got the same result.

I last cleaned the drive three or four days ago so that should not be a problem. Just in case though, I just did a fresh clean, re-rippinged a fresh copy of the files using DVDFab HD Decrypter, and am attempting the burn for the third time with Nero.


My best guess it that it is Nero because I can open the DVD files from my HD after ripping them with DVDFab and everything works fine. So it seems that it would be the burning software causing it. But I think I remember this also happening months ago before I started using Nero.

I’m stumped.