Missing Log In Box

Just installed Windows 10 and using Waterfox version 40.0.3

Do not see a Log In box on front page is this correct, or is it something in my set up ?

Using Windows 10 and Pale Moon here.

The front page log in shows up for me in the upper right hand part of the page once you hover your cursor over the little photo? icon.

Its the far right one in this snip:

And if you’re viewing the front page on a device that triggers the mobile view (with the hamburger menu – the three lines – on the top left), you probably won’t see this. In that case, your only option to log in will be when viewing the comments on an article/review/etc. I’m not sure that’s by design, but it’s been some months since we last discussed the layout of the front page & my memory is fuzzy.

Thanks guys It all of a sudden showed up after a couple reboots
same place as Kerry says on Waterfox

I usually come to this site with Favorites directly to the Forum page.
The log in is always there.
I logged out & tried the home page & it looked like Kerry’s image even though I’m using Opera Beta.
I clicked it , A drop down was there that offered Log in & Register as the options.

Thanks Cholla

Just took a couple reboots to get it showing