Missing IFO information?

Hi. Im trying to get some recorded game footage of Jak II onto my computer, but im having a problem. I recorded 2 hours of footage onto a dvd, and when i pop it into my dvd drive, the preinstalled dvd software will play the footage. However, it appears to be the only thing that will recognize that the disk is even in the drive. I downloaded several rip programs, but none of them can see the disk. I looked in windows explorer, and the computer thinks the disk drive is empty.

In one program, i got this error message:

“No IFO file found in E:\VIDEO_TS”

After i get this message, the program shows a couple more windows, none of which are helpful, and then returns to the main page.

Another thing is that the programs can read several other DVDs that were recorded from the same machine that i used to record Jak II. They were tape transfers, but i dont understand how that makes any difference, as there is still data being recorded to the disk.

So i know why the programs dont see the disk, because there is certain data missing. But how do i replace that missing data, and is there even a way to do this?

The DVD recorder is a Sony Recorder Combo Player. I have a new gateway, and the device manager tells me that my dvd player is as follows:


I have no idea what drive this is, but it is most likely made by gateway.

Did you close the disc session? You could also try ripping it with DVD Decrypter.