Missing .ifo file in Studio 8


I am a beginner so my question may sound a little dumb. I am trying to make a DVD of a TV series that I recorded onto VHS tape. I’ve extracted the video using Studio 8 and sorted out menus and chapters. The video however is too long to fit on a DVD so i was hoping I could make an MPG or AVI version and then shrink it using software such as DVDShrink. But when I have made the MPG or AVI, DVDShrink cant do anything because there is no .ifo file made by Studio 8. How do I overcome this problem?


When you are done with your project click on “create disk” under the “share” tab.
When the create disk window pops up click on the next button. Keep clicking on the “next” button till you get to the end. Here you will get the option to choose your output. Click on “make dvd folders”. Choose where you want to save the output. After done open the VIDEO_TS folder with Dvdshrink.