Missing first few megs of an avi file, recoverable?

As the title says, I’m missing about 9 megs of the beginning of an avi file. I’m thinking that this portion may not be stuff I’d really miss anyway so can I “recover” this avi without the missing part?

VDub doesn’t recognize it, a couple different mods of it. TMPGEnc chokes on it too. I guess I’m not surprised, seeing as I’m probably missing the header, but I was hoping it would have been that easy!

Try DivFix if its xvid, divx3/4/5. etc. Google for it.


Tried it and it said it was not an avi file. So is this absolutely correct? Is it really not an avi file or could DivFix just not recognize it?

Oh well, no biggee.

Use GSPOT to tell you what the file is made of http://www.headbands.com/gspot/

Doubt that GSpot will tell you anything with the entire file header missing.

Originally posted by celtic_druid
Doubt that GSpot will tell you anything with the entire file header missing.

Yet another highly informative one liner. Suggest you actually try USING Gspot then before actually quoting your so-called authoritive opinion.

First off, I didn’t state anything as fact.

Second off all, I have used GSPot, I just didn’t happen to have an AVI missing aprox 9MB’s from the begining lying around to test.

I just stated that given my understanding of both how AVI and GSpot work, that I doubt that GSpot would tell you anything with the entire file header missing.

As for so-called authoritive, I have never (to my knowledge on line) claimed to be an expert on anything.

I have just now created a test file, by deleting 9MB’s from the start of a 700MB AVI and guess what? GSpot just says: Non-AVI File - Type Unknown. I could post a screenshot if you really like? However I can see little point.

Lastly what exactly did I do that was so bad to piss you off so much? I know that it has been going on for awhile now… Was it perhaps my comments on your DivX to DVD guide, claiming that it should be called AVI to DVD?