Missing film on dvd

Hi All Im a new member, so I beg your patience, i purchased a dvd of a film from somebody at amazon, It was copied from video tape onto dvd disc, when I recieved it it played fine, this was about 2 years ago, today I decided to watch it again, nothing, wont play film, plays on computor not on dvd/telly, screen stays blue and then ejects the dvd, could anybody put me wise to the problem, seems real strange, by the way have cleaned disk.

This is a burned disk? Commercially made dvds are made differently from those that we burn. A burned disk uses a dye layer that may have degraded slightly over the last couple of years.

Are you using the same dvd player?

My advice is to rip the movie to the hard drive of your computer and burn a new copy while you can. Assuming you have a dvd burner.

Thanks for your reply I will try this.