Missing files that are actually there

There are important files on my hard disc that were there and now the folder is emty but the size of the folder is still the same as the files were there and also the disc’s space hasnt change. Any suggestions on what should I do to recover my files. Btw, the disc defragment stops in 35% saying that some files can’t be moved.

Run checkdisc with the option to repair enabled. Also run full diagnostics on the drive, which you would download from the drive’s maker. Could be a failing drive.

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Perhaps the files in that folder are hidden so that Explorer doesn’t show them?

You can tell Explorer to show hidden files: Tools menu => Folder Options => View => Hidden hidden files and folders - [I]Show hidden files and folders[/I]

You may also want to:
In folder options -> Uncheck the box that says "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)

Probably wont help, but you can give it a try.

estrange the poster never bothered to come back for the solution to his/her problem.