Missing file

I’m trying to copy a copied dvd without much success,
I have an error message telling me that \ video_ts\ vts_02_0.ifo is missing.
I can decrypt it but can’t shrink or burn it using dvdshrink and nero, both come up with errors
does anybody know how I can overcome this problem,

That means it’s looking for a second Video Title Set that isn’t present on the disc. Most likely the second titleset was there when it was copied but then deleted manually afterwards. Hang on I hear AZImmortal’s footsteps coming… haul a$$! :wink:

you can create your own ifo file to replace the missing one, but i’m not totally sure it’ll work with the rest of the authored dvd in the original manner.

If it’s a copied DVD, is it already DVD-5? Can’t you just use DVDD in “ISO Read” and “ISO Write” modes to copy the disk? Or does the original (first copy) not play correctly now, and you’re trying to fix that?

I have a copy of the original, but can not copy it because the iso missing

Did the VTS_02_0.BUP file copy okay? If so copy the VTS_02_0.BUP, rename the copy to VTS_02_0.IFO and run it through DVDShrink again. Hopefully the .BUP will have got through unscathed when you decrypted the disc.