Missing DVD

I been losing a lots of my DVD and recently my friend told me to make a back up copy which I did, but when I play it on my home entertainment DVD system for the first 10 minute the picture came out perfect, but after that the picture it starting to break down and have alot of square and rectangle on it.

Could anybody give me any information on how to fix this problem cause I don’t want to spend alot of money to buy back the same movies title that I already has before.

Hmmm… Sounds like you are using poor quality DVD media, I would try buying some high-quality DVD media, and then trying again, burning at a lower speed.

Ben :slight_smile:

I try the memorex dvd disc. and lower down the speed to 2x it still has a little bit in the beginning of the introduction, but the movie it’s fine until the end of the movie where it start to show all the credit. Do I need to use any special type of software to get rid of the square.

Sounds like bad media to me.

Seems like your burner is not compatible with the Memorex media.

Update the firmware at the burner to latest version.

“Could anybody give me any information on how to fix this problem cause I don’t want to spend alot of money to buy back the same movies title that I already has before.”

Take better care of your DVDs. I don’t see how anyone could lose more than one DVD in a years time unless they have kids that give them to friends and don’t get them back or if you take them with you and get so drunk you just leave them here and there. That goes back to…

Take better care of your DVDs.

I make copies of all our DVDs and use them and put the pressed new DVDs away in thier case. I haven’t lost a DVD in …well since I have been buying DVDs.

We have a 301 disk Sony that we used to put the new DVDs in untill the rubberband at the top that keeps all where they are supposed to be broke and damaged a lot of the DVDs, that is when I got into burning DVDs. Fifty DVDs at about $15 to $21USD is a lot to lose due to damage. It is a lot cheaper to buy the burning stuff needed and make copies at the then price of $1.20 or so a blank. Now that they are 17 to 40 cents each I like it a lot better since the 301 disc player is full and the wife is working on filling up a 400 disc unit.

I can relate. I have 4 teenagers, and I’m about ready to lock all my dvd’s up in the gun safe. They get left out, scratched, all the time. I agree with the other poster who said to buy better quality dvd’s. Research this forum under Hardware, and your brand of burner, and see what media they prefer burning, and look at the burn quality results. That will tell you what media to use. You have to remember that just because a brand says memorex or verbatim, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t crappy media. You need to learn about media codes, and how to identify higher quality media by looking at where it is made (ie: Japan good, Taiwan usually bad), and recognize by looking at the bar code and packaging how to get a good idea of what the actual media code is. There are various web sites that have information, pictures, etc. showing how to properly identify what media code is made by whom and what the quality is. When you get tired of playing the guessing game, order Taiyo Yuden’s or Verbatims from reputable dealers online, and you will always get good media. Rima, newegg are good. Others sometimes hit and miss.

The reason is my friends keep borrow them any lose it and it really piss me off that I can’t said no to them.

Just learn to say no to careless friends. That’s basically like them taking money out of your pocket if they don’t return them. I’ve done that with people before after borrowing a couple music cd’s they never returned and they never asked to borrow anything of mine again after that. I’m sorry, but I spend my hard earned dollars on this stuff, I don’t want it lost, stolen, trashed. I tend to keep better care of my stuff. :slight_smile:

I guess your right Braxas it really hard to say no, but I pay for it with my own money and I intent to keep it well.