Missing dvd Chapter



:confused: Hi to everybody… I’m a registred user of DVD2ONE but new in the forum. I hope someone can give me an help… I have decripted “the man with iron mask” and than I have passed through dvd2one and burned with copy2dvd but watching the movie at about 1h and 10 mins the dvd player stops freezing last image… after about 4-6 mins start again jumping from chapter 21 to 25 missing the rest of movie… I have a pioneer 105 with new region patch…
Do you have any idea about the problem… This is my real 1st problem since version 102 of dvd2one. thanks a lot…


I think it was a problem with Nero and not with DVD2one, but I think too, that this bug is fixed in the newest Version of Nero.

(I hope I think right :slight_smile: )