Missing drivers

I am working on a computer that was running W7 fine and the person wanted to upgrade to W10. I installed W10 and found in Device Manager that the IMPI Interface and PCI Serial Port drives didn’t install. I have searched everywhere I know to search and can’t find the drivers and Device Manager won’t update them. Then I reloaded W7 and now the same drivers are missing. Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how to fix it. Thanks

Hi kemperhils,

What is the motherboard’s make and model number? Is the PCI Serial Port an add in card or integrated in the motherboard? Serial ports are not used much these days, what’s it used for?

Regds, JR

The board is an Intel D945GTP and there are no cards in the computer. All is integrated. Thanks.

You probley already know this but, di you have " show hidden folders and files and drives" checked in folder layout>folder options. If not then check them and see if they are there now. If so, delete the files and try a repair on operating system. Just a thought


I guess you have been here - Intel support

You could try the Intel driver update utility - Intel driver upd utility

If you cant get what you are looking for from Intel then I would be inclined to disable the devices. and see if it causes any problems.

Having no offical support for Windows 7 let alone 10 is leaving you stranded I’m afraid.

Regds, JR

Thanks, but not there.

Thanks tried both. Could find nothing at support and the utility found nothing.

Thanks for the help. I spent two hours on the phone with a tedh friend of mine and he could not find the problem either. Not going to fool with the computer any more. Just have to say this one got the best of me.

In all this driver installation mess, did you try to install the LAN drivers?

Thanks Albert, I think I did, but I have done so much I really can’t remember. I will try what you suggest and see what happens.

No go, neither worked. Thanks Albert.

Might have to resort to an older INF, not sure when they dropped support for the 945

Alternatively, this has a slightly later version that apparently supports older chipsets

Or the latest 9.x seems to be the from here

Another option, try Iobit Driver Booster, it is pretty good, genuinely usable in free mode, and does a pretty good job of finding things - impressed me, as I tend to chase down the latest drivers by hand.

If the offer hasn’t expired, take it to 6 month full using the link here http://giveawayradar.weebly.com/

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Well Matth, I don’t usually use such programs, but I must thank you for the reference as it solved the problem. Thanks again.

Great stuff Matt, Regds, JR

@Matth Thanks for suggestion but friend how this software work it will download all missing drivers or it show what driver its missing?

It will download them, even the free version does… it’s not one of those annoying things that demands paying, though there are a few less important areas that it only covers in Pro.

It keeps telling me about Microsoft XNA framework that Pro would update, but AFAIK, unless I was developing apps, I have no need of it