Missing Cue

Ok so I have this bin for which Im missing the cue sheet. Its a mixed mode cdimage from which Id need to extract the audio. Any idea how to do so?

Create again the bin from the original disc. In this way you’ll have a fully working cue file :wink:

The problem is I dont have the CD anymore

You could always burn the image with Imgburn. You don’t need the cue file to do so. Just the bin file is sufficient.

Since we are talking about a mixed-mode CD-image, just the bin won’t be sufficient, no matter which recording software you give a try. How should it know when the audio part and its indexes start?

But the cuesheet can probably be recreated manually by using an audio editor which allows to open files rawly. The parameters here are: 44.1 kHz, 16-Bit, Stereo in “little-endian” mode :wink: Be aware of the white noise at the beginning of the file and don’t try to play it - it wouldn’t sound very well. Assuming that the audio part starts after 30 minutes and the data was stored in a mode1 track, your cuehseet would look as follows:

FILE image.bin BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
INDEX 01 30:00:00

If there are several audio tracks (probably seperated by silence), you have to add the indexes accordingly - e.g.

INDEX 01 35:20:00

if the 2nd audio track starts about 5:20 after the first. Set the time display format to minutes, seconds and “frames” (75 per second) if possible. Thus is will be easier to enter the found indexes in your cuesheet.

Good luck.

Then perhaps you should buy one for your very own.