Missing CUE sheet for BIN image


Here is problem I have. The CD image I have contains both data and audio tracks, it’s a bin image but the cue sheet has been lost. The problem is without cue sheet any software I tried cannot autodetect audio tracks positions and obviously considers them as a part of data track. So here is the question: is there way to rebuild cue sheet? If would have been easy task if there was a record of that CD in freedb, but unfortunately there isn’t. Any suggestions?

I’m sorry if there was such a topic here but I wasn’t able to find.

The quickest way to do it is Just Rip your CD again and you will have a new Que sheet! Or you can use a program like CDRCue 2004 and make a new Que sheet! :slight_smile:

You could use a Hex editor to open the BIN. Then manually locate where the data ends and the audio begins. You will need to do some calculations to convert number of bytes into number of sectors and then convert sectors to an A-Time. You’ll need to pay attention to what form the data sectors are in (such as 2048 or 2352 bytes per sector).

There should be ~4 seconds worth of zeroes between the data and audio. You should probably divide these zeroes in the middle and give the first half to the data track and the rest to the audio track.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

If I only had the CD. I have lost it few years ago, found it by checking my backups but, unfortunately, only bin image. While the image is perfectly working it doesn’t know where the tracks are. So, basicly you’re saying that there is no way of automatic track recognition, right? I guess I’ll end up listening to tracks and place markers… aw hell, this is really stupid. :-/

Hmm… thank you, I used to do hex editing back at the ol’ dos days to modify savegames, time to do it again I guess. :slight_smile:

Or try .cue maker it takes the bin and makes are .cue for it.

Sorry dont have link as it took me forever to find mine.

[QUOTE=Regit;1515134]Or try .cue maker it takes the bin and makes are .cue for it.

Sorry dont have link as it took me forever to find mine.[/QUOTE]

Well, this was the first result from Google, just saving time for searching yourself:


Please find the Lior’s Cue Maker from the bottom of the page.