Missing/Corrupted CHM Help Files

Does anyone know if these files exists for Nero 7? Either they are missing or corrupted. I emailed Nero, but keep getting canned responses back. I don’t see the two missing files listed under the User Guides/Help files section of Nero’s web page, and as far as the NeroSoundTrax_eng.chm, it does exists, but isn’t compiled quite right. The bookmarking link on the left is broken.

NeroSmartStart_eng.chm - Missing
CDSpeed_eng.chm - Missing
NeroSOundTrax_eng.chm - Corrupted


NeroSmartStart_eng.chm - not yet included in Nero 7 help files
CDSpeed_eng.chm - it’s available only an old Nero 6 version,
NeroSoundTrax_eng.chm - in the english version, clicking in the + sign will open a directory where you will find the help information, But the file is really corrupted.

Thanks for the confirmation!

I just downloaded NeroSoundTrax_eng.chm (26/12/2006); it looks like they fixed the problem.

Though still no NeroStartSmart_eng.chm (or even *.pdf).