Missing chapters/scenes on mini DVD-R from Canon DC20

Hi there,

I’m new here but I’ve stumbled upon this site when the folks at Canon have been unable to solve my problem.

I have a digital Canon camcorder (model: DC20) which read/writes to mini DVD-R and RW discs.

I have two different issues with two different discs:

1- One disc I’m unable to download the movies into the supplied software which is Roxio MyDVD (v6.1.4). Other discs were read fine by the software but not this one. MyDVD says the camera is not ready. Canon thinks the disc has been corrupted in some way MIND YOU I’m able to play the movies just fine on the camera itself. I’m also unable to finalize the disc on the camera so it can be read in a real DVD player – the finalize option is greyed out. Is there any other software I can try to download the movies or read a disc which maybe slightly corrupted?

2- On another disc, I seem to be missing two different recorded scenes or chapters. I know for a fact they were recorded but they don’t show up in the main scene selection menu. However, the available disc space seems accurate meaning, its as if the movies are on there but they just can’t be accessed – hidden in some way. This disc is a DVD-R so it’s not like I could have deleted the movies. Again… seems like another type of corruption.

Any ideas or things I can try???



Try IMGburn and see if it will read them