Missing Chapters in Nero Digital Menu

I wouldn’t enter this as a major bug but more of an annoyance for the most part. I noticed that sometimes when I generate a Nero Digital Standard - AVC file that the Chapter Menu will be messed up.

For instance I just did a movie today that has about 22 Chapters the menu only list the first 4 and the rest are MIA. The entire movie is there but the rest of the chapters are not!

I’m still able to turn on/off subtitles and so on.

If anyone has a solution or has had the same problem, please let me know…

I found the solution to the bug.

As I tested the quality of my output settings for ND I would trim all but one chapter. After the file was finished generating I would go back so that I could select the rest of the missing chapters then start the generation process again.

It seems that starting a new project instead going back fixes the problem.