Missing chapters in movies

Someone Please Help US
we just backed up 30dvds using clone dvd and went to play one of them plays the entire movie and then starts chapter 12 and then stops and it is like this for every single one we burnt, not always chapter 12 but it stops near the end of the movie and does not play, it says that the cd has completed when burning and does not come up with any erros when burning i was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or can help me out



Did all these backups have multiple camera angles in their original media ?

what’s happening is that you’re probably ripping 9gb dual layer dvd’s and then copying them over to 4.7 dvds.

but clone dvd doesn’t shrink the movie to fit on one disc, it does however split it into two dvds.

so when youre done recording on just one disc you end up getting about half of the movie.

i also learned that the hard way. if you’re looking for simplicity use DVDXCopy. it will shrink it for you and fit the entire dual layer disc on one dvd.