Missing CD ROM drive Again

Hi Guys

Here’s the problem and sorry it’s long winded,i’ve upgraded one of my systems and decided to give the old pc to my son. This system was used for CD Burning etc and nothing else and I never had any problems with it at all,until now…

The system spec is

PIII 800mhz
512mb SDRam (100mhz)
QDI Advance 9 Mobo (VIA Apollo Pro 133)
Maxtor 20gb HDD (IDE1 Master)
Albatron GF4 MX440 VC
On Board Audio (Enabled)
Aopen 56x CD ROM Drive (IDE2 Master)
D-Link DFE530tx NIC
250watt PSU
Additional Fans Etc
WinXP Pro

The system was transferred from tower case to d/top and a clean install of WinXP (Legit) was installed.

The problem is that every so often the system will loose the CD ROM Drive,checked in My Computer,no icon,device manager,no CD ROM drive,the shortcut icon on the desk shows CD ROM drive with ? (question mark in it)… Reboot the system and the drive reappears maybe last for a few days and then dissapears again. Only happens if CD ROM drive is in use ie games being played etc.

I’ve done the following

Checked replaced IDE cable
Updated to latest VIA 4in1 (4.43)
Removed the registry entry for upper/lower filters
Run the CD ROM Drive in PIO Mode & UDMA

This system has not had any CDR/W mastering software installed,no ASPI Layer updates etc…

I read somewhere that I should try disabling the ACPI in BIOS which I did and with this disabled the system will not boot up…? Reenable it and the system boots ok.

Has anybody got any other ideas



it was reccomended to me a few weeks back when i was having trouble with my yamaha crw-f1:

go to start, run and type services.msc Then scroll down to IMAPI and disable it. Might work for you. Also try using a different cable on the PSU or maybe use a different PSU altogether.

You might also want to make sure that under your IDE controller in device manager that the IDE channel your drive is using is, in fact, enabled.

I have a VIA chipset myself and was having the hardest time figuring out why my Pioneer DVD-ROM stopped being recognized when I installed my Lite-On burner. It turns out that I had disabled the secondary slave IDE device in device manager because, before I bought the Lite-On, nothing was on that particular IDE channel. I enabled it and all my devices were recognized by Windows.

Just another thought. :slight_smile: