Missing CD/DVD Drive in explorer Win7

I hope someone has an idea how to fix this because I just finished installing all of my software on a fresh install of Windows 7.

I just saw that the CD/DVD drives are missing from explorer. They are functioning perfectly, the autorun works and if I put a disc in the drive suddenly appears. This is alos affecting the Alcohol virtual drives as well. I didn’t notice this before installing Nero but I think they were still visible after installing Nero. The only thing that I installed after Nero were some games, Crysis, Bioshock, Wolfenstein and Red Faction Guerilla.

I have already tried these:

  • removing all entries from the upper and lower filters
  • uninstalling the drives from device manager.
  • uninstalling Nero
  • reinstalling nero.

It was the option to show all folders in folder options that was unchecked. This wasn’t enabled before and I thought the DVD drives were visible. Anyway they show up with this option checked.

Good to know