Missing Audio Plugin?

Hi. Whenever I try to use Nero to burn Audio CDs, this is what happens:

  • I open Nero and the wizard pops up
  • I select Audio CD
  • A popup appears from Nero Wave Editor saying that my demo has expired
  • I select a .mp3 file and drag it to the compile window
  • The ‘analyzing’ window appears, but doesn’t do anything
  • An error pops up saying that a missing audio plugin could not be found
  • Illegal operation, have to close

I know I am doing everything right, but why does:

  • It say I have an expired ‘Nero Wave Editor’? I don’t use it but this might be related to the problem
  • There can’t be a audio plugin found?

I know there are other Audio CD creators, but

  1. I like Nero
  2. I don’t know any other ones
  3. I can’t be screwed to look around for one that is easy to use and can display how many minutes of audio are left

It sounds like you only have the demo version of the MP3 / MP3Pro plugin installed, and that your demo has expired.

The fix is to buy the full version of the MP3Pro plugin, and install the version you’ll be given a link to download (or reinstall your bought MP3 or MP3Pro plugin if you have already bought it).


Ok, thanks :). I uninstalled and reinstalled Nero. I had the full version… why do I have to buy it again?

Certainly in the non-Ultra Edition version of Nero 6, the MP3 / MP3pro plugin is limited - even if, like me, you own a full serial number (rather than an OEM one). I don’t know the exact position for the Ultra Edition (North America only).

See the bottom of this page at the Nero web site for more information. I was a little surprised when I purchased the full version that I didn’t just get another serial number, but a URL for an installer that I had to download.