Missing Audio Data



I recently installed a sony 52x32x52 cdrw drive and upgraded the nero software to the latest version. Strange things are happening on the ripping process. It will rip the audio cd okay, but on burning I find a ring on the disc that appears like there is no data. I played these discs to find the the track plays for a minute or so then nothing. Silence and the counter still counting as if the track is playing normaly. All the other tacks will be fine. I went and played the suspect track on the win media player and it stops in the same place, but the media player gives a meassage that the is no data to be played. I go the the next track and plays fine. This has happened about 5 times out of 25 rips. No one seems to know what is causing this. Any ideas would be helpfull. Before this drive, I had a Lite-on and never had a problem until the drive just quit one day. Help! I suspect it is software related but I’m not a tech, so it’s just a guess!