Missing 4x speed from Nero?

I have just bought a Sony CRX175A1 24x burner for my old pc and when I run nero 5580, I could only select 8,12,16&24x speeds. I have checked the specs of this drive on the internet and there should have been a 4x as well.

With rewritables it lists all available speeds 2,4,8&10x.

I need to burn audio @4x and I don’t think I can do this.

Does anyone know why the 4x speed is missing or how I can overcome this.

it could be media type…however, this is normally the other way around, it limits the max speed, not min.

4x audio ?
8x should be ok, see how you go.

I doubt it is the media type. I tried a variety of media, eg Verbatim 24x, Kodak 16x, Mitsui 24x, sony 24x.

As I said before the speed drops to 2x for rewritables, but not much good in writables only.

The shop is willing to take it back and get another one or a differend brand.

I think that that drive is a re-badged 24x Lite-on which can’t burn slower than 8x to a cdr. I don’t think you can fix the problem so, if you’re not happy with the quality of the burns at 8x and need to burn at 4x, I’d take it back and exchange it for a model that can burn to a cdr at 4x even if you have to pay a few dollars extra on the change-over.

i dont know about the re-badged side of things.

but ive looked on the net, and i cant see any reference of ability to write at 4x.

im tending to agree with Philly.

To be honest this drive burns well. I have burnt a couple of cdrs at 12x and tested them with nero cdspeed 2000 and had no unreadable or damaged sectors.

This is on the my old pc and the fastest I can burn is 12x.

I am wondering whether I should spend $20 more and get the 48x LiteOn, at the moment on special at IT Supermarket.
I know it is an overkill but at least I can select down to 4x.

Just a thought, if it is a liteon 24x, couldn’t the liteon firmware be used? That is if the firmware updates were to include 4x?