Miscompare problem?



A.A my question is that if miscompares occure in writing a cd.what will it affect.
the cd will perfectly work or not?
please answer me quickly.


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

A miscompare during the verification step means that the contents on CD are not the same on the HDD.

Causes can be mainly two: something went wrong during the burn (most of times the cause is a defect on CD disc), so the CD should be burned again, or you have problems in computer RAM. Also a damaged cable can cause problems.

To check RAM you can use memtest (it’s a really easy, but a bit time consuming, test to perform).

btw, even if there is a miscompare the CD can still work correctly (I’m assuming that you are referring to an audio CD).

If you are referring to a data CD, then a miscompare can cause serious problems. For example, if the wrong data are located on a RAR file (even worst an archive containing a password), the wrong file can be unrecoverable, so it is definitely better to burn again that CD after checking that there are no problems in RAM.


Miscompare can even occur by speeding the reader drive too fast…thus preventing it from reading the disc properly > failures.