Misbehavin' LTD 163 and JLMS XJ HD166s

My DVD drive [s] seems to be confused when I take out game CD “a” and put in game CD “b”.

After switching cd’s it still displays the contents of the previous cd. Then I get a message sometimes that says please put in correct cd. If I reboot, it seems to display the correct info from the cd in the drive, and it will open and play. But if I want to go back to the other game, it will not open the new cd, it will again display the removed cd’s contents, until I reboot again

To top it off, I replaced my LiteOn LTD 163 DVD with a new one, JLMS XJ HD166s and it still does this evil little trick. So, it is not a defective drive, perhaps the games are not “completely” closing, not sure how to detect or correct that !?!?!?!?!?!?!??

Using Windows XP Home.

sounds like pretty typpical Windows behaviour. When you put in the new game, open explorer and hit F5. That should refresh things.

Thanks again rd,

not sure exactly when this started to happen, a couple weeks ago I did add another hard drive,

oh well, Bill Gates is off my Christmas card list.

Anyway, F5 is easy enough. If you are inserting 2 discs with the same name or contents, or even similar contents, it can sometimes refuse to refresh.