MIS Verbatim/Mitsubishi Media

There were a few posts asking about the burn quality of Made in Singapore Verbatim/Mitsubishi discs. So I thought I’d post some pics, scans etc.

Mitsubishi 4x DVD+R :

MID : MCC002
Stamper code : ZC2871-DVR-W47B
Serial No : VW3726HA076653

Quality scans :

BenQ DW-1640 @ 8x

BenQ DW-1640 @ 12x

Verbatim Datalife Plus 8x DVD+R :

MID : MCC003
Stamper code : ZC8492-DVR-X47B
Serial number : VX4510IA004423
PN : 94812

Quality scans :

LG GSA-4167B DL13 @ 8x

LG GSA-4167B DL13 @ 8x

Verbatim 16x DVD+R :

Stamper code : ZD-2271-DVR-T47C1
Serial no : VT4920LA142751
Reorder : 43497

Beautiful :clap:…thanks for those :slight_smile:

Edit: ooops, I don’t think karangguni is done. But I’m sure the remainder will be just as nice :iagree:

Quality scans :

LG GSA-4167B DJ13 @ 12x

BenQ DW-1640 @ 16x

Those of you who are familiar with BenQ drives will know that the spikes near the end of the disc in the second scan are caused by a bug in BenQ drives which produce scans of discs burned at 16x with such spikes. The spikes are not really there. They will not appear if you scan with another brand of drive (e.g. Lite-On) but I don’t have any other reliable scanning drive at the moment :frowning:

They also don’t appear if you burn at 12x, which is why the first scan doesn’t have those spikes. I need to do a burn on my 1640 at 12x and post the scans when I can.

Whoa, MIS scans are just as good as TY scans!
Sadly, Mitsubishi does not listen to customer demand, the same idiotic fallacy which owned Fuji. I would pay much more for their media if they relocated all their factory sites to Singapore instead of selling MII and MIT media.
Verbatim MIS DVD media, I guess that’s the perfect mixture of MCC’s stability and TY’s good scans. The media which everybody was looking for.

I’ve had MIT Mitsubishi media burn just as well as these scans, so maybe all the fuss we make about Singapore MCC isn’t worth it.

Yeah, there are pretty phenomenal results with MIT MCC too, but I would guess that MIS MCC is more consistant. I think it’s safe to say I’d have more faith in the physical integrity of media produced by Mitsubishi themselves, as opposed to someone in Taiwain, too. :slight_smile:

Well it’s pretty much a moot point for those of us in the Western Hemisphere, as MIS MCC media doesn’t seem to exist here anymore aside from really old stock.

MCC has only two factories, one in Japan (doesn’t make optical media) and the OD plant in Singapore. The discs made in Taiwan and India are made by other companies using Mitsubishi tech. The one Singapore plant isn’t enough to meet demand.

Not so. You (and I for that matter) might well be prepared to pay much more for MIS MCC media but most will not.

Verbatim is by far the largest selling brand of optical media world wide but the MIS stuff whilst arguably superior isn’t price competitive (because of higher production costs) and sells very slowly when it is available at all. [Similarly, downunder, MIJ Maxells (also outstanding media), when available, just sit on the shop shelves unless they are dumped at a loss on special.] Most people simply will not pay the premium.

Further, because of its huge proportion of the overall market, MCC’s Singapore plants simply don’t have the capacity to manufacture much more than their leader products (i.e. dual layer, 16x, etc.).

Same here. I’ve burned ten Singapore-made MCC 003s that I got from Japan, and a hundred or so Taiwan-made MCC 003 from Best Buy, and I wasn’t able to discern any difference in quality.

Three MCC 003, made in Singapore.

Three MCC 003, made in Taiwan.

Actually, this is true for anywhere in the world right now, even here in Singapore itself. Verbatim itself has stopped making SL discs in the local plant. The only reason I can still get hold of these discs now is customer ignorance : nobody seems to know that these discs are any good, so they tend to ignore them. Also, they aren’t that cheap. The 4x discs above cost nearly as much as MIT 8x Verbatim discs.

Paradoxically, the 8x MIT discs available here are quite inconsistent in quality. They come in Asia Pacific specific packaging and give strange results when burned on various burners by various people (much higher than normal PIE levels in general, huge PIE peaks at the start and ends of discs, leading to odd “bikini” shaped PIE graphs, failure to burn faster than 4x and coasters at 8x).

Labour wages here are apparently nearly as high as in the US. That pretty much explains why the local Verbatim factory doesn’t expand its manufacturing capacity to meet customer demand. So instead, the factory here gets used to manufacture cutting edge stuff. As I understand it, right now it is only DL discs that get made there but the factory will be making all of Verbatim’s HD-DVD discs as well.

In japan Mitusbishi does make MO disc’s. Magneto Optical disc’s.
So they do make optical media in japan.

Also Blu Ray media is supposed to come from the japanese factory.

Even though the MIT MCC Verbs are pretty good, I still say that the MIS are a little more consistant. Hell I might even switch to Verb if they were making a good portion of them MIS again. Thankfully their D/L media is all MIS.

Thankfully their D/L media is all MIS.

i have read some rumors they would sell OEM 4x DVD-R DL disc from CMC Magnetics in the future