Mirror Platinum (Yuden T02)

These 8X media can be found at Ketta (UK) for 5.20 euros a 10-pack.


I can’t believe my eyes !
Did anybody try them ?
Is it the announced end of “market inefficiencies” or are they just fakes ?

Fake 8x TY discs are everywhere now. Although I thought it was mainly fake DVD-Rs there is obviously a fake DVD+R version too.

These 8X media can be found at Nierle for 13.99 euros a 25-pack:


Are those Bulkpaq-Taiyo Yuden 8x fakes too ?

Yes, you can be pretty sure that all brands previously shipping Princo, Infosmart and other crap as their 4x discs have not gone to selling high quality 8x TY discs for €0.5 ea. :slight_smile:

“Review” of the Mirror Platinum TY:


they have 100 bulkpaq-Taiyo Yuden 8X for 46.50 Euros.
Even cheaper than Nierle Media!!

any brave soul has the guts to risk the money? hahaha

I guess the fact that such fake discs can exist proves again that the market is extremely inefficiently running.

Somebody mentioned here that Taiyo Yuden recently had also to recall some of their media in Japan.

Can anybody confirm this and give some more information thereon ?
Is there any relationship to be found with third tier brands beginning to distribute media with Yuden media codes at give-away prices ?

I have just mailed Taiyo Yuden for their oppinion.
More precisely, I mailed Chika Nakatsuka , CDR Outside Sales.
I found his (or her) address at this page:


I hope we get a reply :slight_smile:

here is a copy of my mail:

Hello Mr (or Mrs.) Nakatsuka:

We don’t know each other, I just found your e-mail in TY website.
Hope you don’t mind.

Its a question about ultra-cheap Taiyo Yuden 8X media its invading the DVD-R market…

we are discussing at cdfreaks forums:

In this forum, we all know that TY dyes are the best, but normally they are expensive too.
That is why we are quite puzzled to see this ultracheap media claiming to be Taiyo Yuden.
For example, Bulkpaq 8X DVD-R, Mirror platinum 8X DVD-R, etc.

We think that they are all fake. But if you can confirm…

thank you very much.


no answer yet from Nakatsuka.
But I am looking at Nierle, and the Bulkpaq/TY are cheap, yes, at 13.99 euros (25 pack), but they also sell Bulkpaq/INFOSMART at 7,99 euros!!
So the TY version are not so cheap compared with the INFOSMART version.

I also see Nierle sells 2 kinds of DataWrite DVD-R:
-AN35 version, at 7,95 euros (25 pack)
-FUJIFILM03 version at 14,99 euros (25 pack too)

I see certain parallelism here.

Does anyone have proof that these cheap Taiyo’s are fake?
Some weeks ago, someone in this forum said that Taiyo planned to dominate the global market… remember?

or maybe they are indeed Taiyo Yuden, B-grades…

Good idea arga2k about asking Taiyo Yuden if those disc are real or fake. :wink:
Hope we get an answer soon !

The Mirror Platinum aren’t TY…, they have only ID TY:

“Código ID: TYG02 FALSO que mejora la grabación en grabadoras LG”
(Code ID: TYG02 FAKE that it improves the burnning on LG burners.)

Hola Panoramixx:
it is true! they are selling those Mirrors (DVD-R) and they themselves admit that
they are fake Yudens.
But I don’t understand… they “improve burning on LG”?? because they are fake??

Well, I still get no reply from Taiyo Yuden. I guess we will have to seek for new e-mail addresses. But it is difficult. I have browsed over a few Taiyo-Yuden websites, and they don’t offer much info about recordable products.

Improve burning maybe due to the stratergy the burner uses for what it feels is TY media. Companies selling any fake branded media should be shut-down by trading standards (UK).

Methink Taiyo did not register for a Trade Mark License on the media code !

Same like Ritek with their brand Traxdata in France, allowing an independant importer to use Traxdata name in France covering sub-par media codes.

I think that it’s a fake to sell better the discs.
In this case they admit that the disc are fake Yuden because the forum users of the web say them that wasn’t a serious thing what they were doing.
We said to them that if the intention of the fake was only to improve the recording, then they should specify clearly the motives in the advertising…, and they do it! :slight_smile:


Very informative post.
Thanks to those taking steps to get a clearer view on this matter

Edit : Neither Ketta nor Nierle changed their description as the Spanish site did. Let us see when they will feel it appropriate to do so.

I still can’t see how a fake will improve the recording LOL.
well, at least they admit its a fake.

Maybe noone has mailed Nierle nor Ketta to tell them… of course they should know…
and they probably know… but as long as noone complains, they will stay.

cdrohlinge24 at Germany is also selling Bulkpaq TYs

It’s a TY fake, but it isn’t a Mirror fake…, simply it’s a change of strategy in order that the media burns with better results.
For example, TYG01 burns nice at 8X with TYG02 strat and Mirror burns nice at 8X with TYG02 strat…, the problem is that Mirror doesn’t TY and then I think that they cannot be “announced” as TY ID media. So the resellers anounce “Mirror TYG02”, and you think that it’s a genuine TY…, then it’s a defrauds.
If you tell mi that Mirror Platinum burns better with TYG02 strat it’s perfect…, but if you tell me that Mirror Platinum are TYG02, you’r cheating me.

The spanish web only offer a few types of media:

  • High scale: Miflop Xtreme -> Genuine Taiyo Yuden (Professional use guaranteed for 100 years).
  • Medium scale: Miflop Lite -> RITEKG04
  • Low scale: Mirror Platinum
    They are small on-line reseller, and they have “to take care” the few clients that they have.

Nierle is the largest on-line erupean media reseller, and they will not need to change the description of the Bullpack …, simply they will continue selling a lot of them (and other ones) without problems.

@Panoramix and Icey:
ah, now I understand.
Using the TY strategy the quality is improved, even if the media is not TY.
So there should be two different codes in a disc:
-Media code
-Strategy code

this way, no more confusion!!!

Anyway, here is a good link to keep track of these fake discs, and the user oppinions:
Its a search engine. Very interesting:
Searching for Bulkpaq:

Choosing the Bulkpaq 8X Taiyo Yuden:

only one intrepid user posted an oppinion there.

we will see about Nierle Media. If they don’t rectify, we will talk, and talk about it here… even if they are big and powerful.

Maybe it gives results!.., :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Of all forms they will continue selling a lot of discs though they don’t rectify, because they have the best prices (I just ordered 50 Verabtim MCC02 for 33.98 €…, I hope that they aren’t a fake :bigsmile: ).