has anyone heard of this burner, anyone have any experience with the burner? its cheap at £58 (well i suppose a Pioneer 106 is cheap as is the NEC1300 these days)

The new Mirror 4x Speed DVD+R/RW/CD-R/RW Combo Drive gives you the ability to create your own DVD’s to store and share large amounts of data or video on a single 4.7GB disc.

Features: Vertical and horizontal operation Special anti dust seal PC 2001 MultiRead ACTOPC Buffer underrun prevention Modes supported: DVD single/dual-layers, DVD single/double-sided, DVD Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R(W) (read), DVD+R/RW, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-Text, CD-Video, CD-Extra, CD-DA, Photo-CD (single-/multisession), CD-R/RW Memory capacity: 4.7GB DVD, 700MB CD-R/RW Access time: 140ms (DVD)/ 120ms (CD) Data Transfer Rate: Read: DVD 12x CAV (max. 16.200 Kbyte/s), CD 40x CAV (max. 6.000 Kbyte/s); Write: DVD+R 4x (5.520KB/s), DVD+RW 2.4x (3.300KB/s), CD-R 16x (2.400KB/s), CD-RW 10x (1.500KB/s) Buffer Size: 2MB Interface: ATAPI/Ultra DMA 33 mode

It’s an OEM NEC ND-1100A which you also could buy cheap from Komplett.com